Ideal Unity

Ideal Unity is an on-cloud integrated modular package of Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management (AVL), Field Job Dispatching, Inventory & Stock Control, Human Resources Management (HR), Team Projects Management (TPM), Customer Relations Management (CRM), and it could be integrated with any other 3rd party solution.


Ideal Tracking

It’s not easy to run a business when you need to track a fleet of vehicles without knowing each vehicle location. Consequences are lost time, high fuel costs, excessive mileage, and damaging wear and tear. Fleet tracking becomes a valuable tool to manage your fleet, and our iEYE solution is highly customizable and efficient to meet all business needs.

Configurations Management: This module will help the system administrator to setup the system behavior, the vehicle and operator list, the users and their rights, the alarms and responses and all the parameters that will govern the operation.

  • Vehicle Tracking: This is the mapping module with tracking functionality: Display vehicles positions, filter screens, work with the maps, etc.
  • Reporting: This is a flexible module for reporting that includes many reports, custom designed for every customer and that accept new reports developed in-house or by the system with simple SQL queries.


Ideal Dispatching

Dispatching solution allows you to increase your customer base satisfaction by cutting the time needed to provide support, minimize delivery time and serve more customers on that same day. Resource planning is often costly due to unexpected variables, and to reduce expenses and risks you need a real time automated scheduling that allows you to assign call-outs and provide assistance in response to unexpected events. Ideal Dispatching helps you never get caught out again by unforeseen problems occurring such as vans breaking down, employees calling in sick or jobs running on over the allocated time and ensure that your business never suffers in customer service due to unattended or late call-outs. Now you can plan multiple call out jobs, prioritize important service calls and manage complex shift schedules.


  • Plan ad hoc and scheduled field service assignments. See field workforce locations on the map in real time, check availability, assign service orders and plan the most efficient route.
  • Display map complete with job locations and current status of work. See all of the information you need in real time, avoiding unnecessary additional costs.
  • Synchronize your planned assignments with staff whilst they are out in the field and receive regular status updates whilst field maintenance work is being carried out.
  • Customer Self Service
  • Create tickets to track issues and log them.
  • Create jobs and assign them to your employees.
  • Various reports to track employees’ behavior and performance.
  • Instant notifications
  • Dispatching client can be using phone, table or MDT.
  • Smart workflow automation engine that is comprehensive and fully customizable to your needs.


Ideal HR

Ideal Human Resources (HR) is designed to streamline and automate the three traditional pillars of Human Resources Management System: payroll, time and attendance, and benefits management. Ideal HR sub-system provides all the HR functionalities in a smooth fluid UI that can be accessed from everywhere providing real-time data to enable effective and seamless features.

Ideal Inventory

Stock control can reduce your total cost on stocking while maintaining the availability of enough stock to meet your business needs. Holding excess stock will increase warehouse and insurance costs and affect your cash flow, while some products become expired, damaged, obsolete or losing warranty in store. On the other hand, not having enough stock will lead to loss of production or loss of income.

Ideal Projects

TPM is a projects management and control system for managers and team leaders where they can assign resources and follow-up on the projects progress and have one dashboard showing an overview snapshot of all current running projects, the graphs are customized and can show different status views such as:

  • Projects health in terms of time, cost, workload, risks, and issues.
  • Projects progress in terms of planned time, overdue, extra progressed, on time progress.
  • Costs status in terms of project budget and current cost based on time and resources consumed now.
  • Work load status in terms of completed tasks, overdue tasks, remaining tasks.


Ideal CRM

CRM systems integrates and automates 3 main components: sales, marketing, and customer support. It has a dashboard that gives an overall view of the three functions on a customer: client information, past sales, previous marketing efforts, and more.

Mobile Applications


Ideal iEYE Dispatcher for mobile will help field officers and technicians not to wait long for a phone call from call center to receive incoming jobs. The dispatcher will send real-time notifications to field mobile devices with all the required information to satisfy the job on time without a hassle. Field officer will be able to accept or decline new tasks and incidents, send photos of objects, documents and locations, scan barcode, use the best route to navigate to target destination and more. It also helps to view and track your fleets and vehicles while on the go. The user experience was optimized for the mobile platform to enable having full control of everything you need to keep track of.


Vehicles Tracking

View and track your vehicles in real time.

Vehicles Selection

Expand the fleets list or use the search feature to select the vehicles you would like to track.

Alerts Viewer

View the latest alerts triggered by your vehicles, and view Geo-fences and Landmarks


The Human resources application can help you manage and control the following: Calendar List, Calendar Types, Create & Update Calendars, Handover Tasks, User Profile, Notification List.

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