Homeland Security Solutions

Ideal Solutions is a very active company in the domain of Homeland Security solutions. It provides a full suite of well-integrated products that would complete all the requirements for the homeland security and law enforcement needs. Our solutions include the best products from well-known business vendors as well as some products of our own manufacturing and development. This includes our LINX MDT and iEYE Software.


1- Command and Control Center

A command and control center is single place (Room) that centralizes the monitoring, control, and command of an organization's overall operations. linking vital systems and communications to allow for monitoring, analysis, calling and dispatching field forces with a mass distribution of critical instructions, notifications, and alerts. A command and control center enables an organization to function as designed, to perform day-to-day operations regardless of what is happening and everyone knows they are reliable when there is any trouble or emergency situation.

2- Critical Communications System

Critical Communications System is a complete resilient communication setup that enables communication and integration of all available communications like analogue, digital, and IP telephony with VHF, P25 and TETRA military grade secure and encrypted communication channels into a seamless single IP telephony.

3- Geographic Security System (GSS)

Geographic Security System (GSS) is a complete solution for public safety and law enforcement built on GIS technology bringing location awareness to national security business for better serving our societies. GSS brings many critical values like Improved decision making based on reliable information from many integrated sources including locations, CCTV, alarms, incidents and more. Emergencies happen any time, any place. Car crash in a remote area or heart attack on the move. GSS assists emergency response services to save valuable lives of people and assets.

4- Vehicle Tracking System (iEYE)

iEye System is a web based system that is used to track vehicles and assets in real-time or historically; to: Cut-cost, Save gas and reduce accidents, Improve driver response and service times, Monitor working hours, and Detect time leaks.

Plate Based Vehicle Tracking

Traffic Monitoring Solution

Graphics and accident reconstruction

Smart Draw makes it easy to create a presentation quality accident reconstruction diagram in minutes. All the symbols for road signs, intersections, road types, and vehicles are included.

5- Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)

Rugged Mobile Computer.

6- Tetra Based AVL & Gateway

A central gateway and server solution that provides access to GPS AVL information from devices operating on one or more digital communications networks.

7- Battlefield Management System (BMS)

Battlefield Management System (BMS) is a system to integrate information acquisition and processing to enhance command and control of a military unit. BMS provides automation of guards missions by facilitating command and control cycle composed of planning, decision taking, order/tasking, execution and monitoring. This cycle is an ongoing process based on the mission types and operational levels & modes (peace, crisis and war).

8- Video Streaming & ANPR

Auto Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a technology that uses special cameras with optical character recognition on captures images to read vehicle registration plates. ANPR is used for law enforcement purposes, including to check if a vehicle is registered or licensed. It is also used for electronic toll collection on pay-per-use roads and also by private and government for monitoring vehicles in/out of the facility/building parking for security reasons.

9- Early Warning Systems (EWS) or Emergency Vehicle Alert Message System (EVAM)

EVAM developed a product that can make motorists more aware of fast changing situations in the traffic called an early warning system that can alert motorists in a certain geographical area using already built in functions in cars making the communication possible without retro-fitting any receivers and before they are exposed to the specific situation making it safer and decreasing the chance of accidents happening. EVAM is depending upon use of the RDS system and utilizes the simultaneous sending over several carriers to sweep the FM-band during a short time-period and thereby redirects the motorists from listening to one channel to listening to the” EVAM channel” and receiving a warning message before they are switched back to the channel they were originally listening to.

10- Professional Services

Ideal Solutions provides project management and technical support services to our projects, products & services. We have a dedicated team that provides customers with the outmost customer experience journey. We allocate operational work space necessary to accommodate working equipment stocks and we are always ready with necessary facilities and tools. All our clients’ requests for installations or support are dealt with immediately anytime of the day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Installation requests are always finished by Ideal Solution within one business day subsequent to receiving the formal installation request from the customer. We also offer urgent installations to our customers, our clients are kept up to date with service requests and we provide them by issuing a monthly summary report

11- Satellite Imagery Defense

Satellite imagery, Images of Earth or other planets collected by Satellites. Imaging satellites are operated by governments and businesses around the world, and Satellite imaging companies sell images under license because Satellite Images have a Crucial role in national security.  Defense and Security applications, have come to rely on satellite imagery as a crucial source of information, offering knowledge of the territory, discrete surveillance and frequent passes over any point on Earth.

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