Healthcare Solutions

Patient management system (PMS) is a software that is regulated as a medical device. It is used to acquire medical information from a medical device to be used in the treatment or diagnosis of a patient and directly contributes to the treatment of the patient by performing analysis, or providing treatment or diagnosis functionality that replaces the decision and judgment of a physician. It holds all data personal and medical on registered patients, their accounts and appointments, medications and inpatient and patient details. PMS is used in hospitals, medical centers, safety net providers, retail clinics, rehab centers, skilled nursing, independent practices, and patient’s homes.

Early Warning system (EWS) / Emergency Vehicle Alert Message System (EVAM)

EVAM is next generation early warning system and its mission is to improve traffic safety for first responders. EVAM System helps emergency vehicles get through todays dense traffic while also improving road safety. EVAM makes it safer for the personnel working in and around the emergency vehicle by making the danger, the motorist, more aware of the emergency vehicle’s presence.

Clinical Solutions

Talis Clinical supports safe patient care, while positively impacting the clinicians and providers. The suite provides Clinical and Operational Guidance's throughout the Perioperative Care Episode and it gathers information and pre-operative testing decisions. Another advantage of the solution is following the patient to post-operative recovery or the intensive care unit, and it exposes escalating patient physiologic issues and manages complex business logic needed to support the quality and efficiency for targeted outcomes.

Rugged Tablet for Healthcare

Monitor patients and quickly access a patient’s electronic medical history, view test results and capture current medical data.

Disabled Control Solutions

Improve the quality of life and mobility of physically disabled persons and others in need of an extra hand; and provide “an extra hand” to disabled people, by use of itongue, Ihandle, Ictrl, or Itremor.

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