Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial Technology refers to the technology used to acquire, manipulate, and store geographic information. GIS, GPS, Aerial Photography, Satellite Imagery, Ground Surveys, Remote Sensing are forms of geospatial technologies.

Ideal Solutions offers consultancy services in the fields of IT, GIS and related services to support clients in making better wise decisions based on reliable surveys, studies and analysis for:

  • Improvement of services,
  • Upgrading of competitive advantages, and
  • Better spending of their investments.

GIS Application Development & Customization

Ideal Solutions has genuine practical expertise to deliver a complete package of GIS application development services and user interface customization. ISC professional software engineers follow software development life cycle standards from inception to final delivery with training and technical support. We have more than 2 decades of experience to build complete any GIS software solution to meet your business needs.

GDB Design & GIS Data Conversion

Geodatabases support variety of modeling, management, and analysis functions. Geodatabase data model minimizes the differences between logical and physical models. Geodatabase allows applying attribute subtypes, domains, and relationship rules as well topological rules without customization.

Location Based Services (AVL & Navigation)

LBS are services or applications that offer possibilities to find and locate persons, machines, vehicles and resources to adds value to existing business, or to find location information to guide the people to the right address.

Real Estate Geographic Registration Systems  (REGIS)

REGIS was designed and developed to manage and process the full set of parcel reshaping geographic & mapping part of the real estate information system.

Parcel Conversion System (PCS)

PCS uses the latest technology of ESRI ArcGIS to convert and process old manual paper hard copy cadastral parcel maps and drawings to new digital spatial forms.

Land Information Systems (LIS)

Ideal Solutions has 35 years of experience in land, parcel and real estate computerization and modernization. We provide consultancy, automation and upgrade of existing processes, developing new automated transaction processing applications, designing of new application forms, contracts and title deeds, with training and support.


Spatial Imagery

Ideal Solutions provides a complete set of Imagery Processing Services including Georeferencing & Orthorectification, Mosaicking & color Balancing, True Ortho Mosaic of Aerial Images, Terrain Modelling, Feature extraction, Change Detection, Tiling & Subsetting…etc.


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