Electronic Payment Solutions

Electronic Payment is the secured exchange of funds in an electronic media between buyers and sellers for paying for a goods or services electronically. It is facilitated by banks using credit and debit cards. Ideal Solutions provides innovative and adaptive end-to- end electronic payment solutions with the latest secured technologies in the payment industry.

1- Point of Sale Solutions

Ideal Solutions is empowered to provide and implement all types of traditional countertop and portable Electronic Payments POS Terminals to securely process electronic payment transactions as well as many of the added value transactions to the local financial payment industry.

  1. A) POS Terminal Solutions
  2. B) ECR Integrated PIN Entry Device Solutions
  3. C) mPOS Device Solutions
  4. D) Unattended Payment Terminals (UPT)
  5. E) Smart POS Terminal

F- All-in-One Rugged Payment Terminals


2- Integrated Payment Solution

State-of-art fully or semi integrated multi-lane solutions for sophisticated business

and real time data analysis; brings following benefit to the business.


3- Secure Network Solutions

Fault-tolerant network access concentrators for end to end secured reliable communication through robust network infrastructure.

4- Terminal Management Solution

The purpose of a terminal management system is to optimize management, logistics and support, to achieve maximum terminal performance, and to reduce total cost of ownership core functionalities.

5- Remote POS Management Solution

RPM is an enterprise-wide total solution for managing POS terminals; that provides complete remote control to ensure your terminals are always up-to-date and available.

6- Payment Gateways & electronic Wallets

simple, one-time integration to accept credit cards in addition to several domestic payment methods.

7- Professional Services

  • Application development,
  • System Integration,
  • Certification services
  • Consultancy & Project Management,
  • Testing and POC
  • Quality Assurance.

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